Set into our exclusive indoor golf London studio and improve your swing in an instant! Indoor golf lessons  using the state of the art indoor golf technoogy are available at Pitch from 07:00 – 22:00 Monday to Friday. We aim to improve you more in one lesson than 25 lessons using dated traditional coaching methods, this is really quick your game improves using our indoor golf technology. Check out our Goolge Reviews, they speak for themselves. Lower your handicap now!

Pitch London offer the best Indoor Golf Lessons London

Great golf lessons happen when the student completely understands and believes in what they are doing. At Pitch we have invested in the best technology available to ensure we deliver results based on scientific fact.

Located just 2 minutes from Liverpool Street, Bank and Shoreditch we are in the heart of The City of London.

Whether you are looking for beginners golf lessons, keen to improve in time for a corporate golf day or looking for a venue to practice your swing changes on amazing technology then Pitch is the venue for you. To learn more about the Pitch coaching process please watch the video on the right and also in our  video gallery.


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Pitch lesson options

Pitch London Golf Lessons


Before you embark on any lesson with us we insist a comprehensive evaluation of your current game is carried out. Our full game assessment involves full data capture of the body, ball and club on our swing catalyst coaching platform (videos on site). Your coach will analyse all of the data collected and relate it to the swing you make. Based on the information captured your coach will design a tuition programme bespoke to you.

Pitch London Golf Lessons

Lesson prices

Single swing lessons with PGA Pro –  50mins

Member – £80
One off visitor – £90
Full Game Assessment – £60

Single swing lessons with PGA Director – 50 mins

Member – £85

One off visitor – £100

Full Game Assessment – £75

Pitch London Golf Lessons

Our coaches

All of our coaches are highly qualified, and experienced in modern coaching methods and have been through a rigorous training process. Please feel free to contact them directly if they are known to you or enquire though the contact page.


PGA And Ex European Tour Fitter

Master Putting Coach

PGA Swing Professionals

Technology we use

Pitch London swing catalyst

Swing Catalyst

Swing Catalyst is a multi functional lesson platform capable of integrating a wide range of data capture. At Pitch we incorporate dual camera, force plate, ball data and head measurement technology to give you an incredibly detailed look at your golf swing and club performance. To see a wide range of swing catalyst videos please refer to our lessons on the video gallery page.

Pitch London GC2HMT


Utilising camera technology which changed the game of golf, the GC2HMT will highlight the incredibly small differences between good shots and bad. Measuring what the club does as it strikes the ball is the only way to be sure you are working on improving the true fault. It can be incredibly easy to misdiagnose the reason why a ball hooks or slices but using the GC2HMT it becomes impossible to work on the wrong thing, ensuring your progress and improvement is swift.

swing catalyst pressure

Force plate data

The flow of pressure from back to front foot and heel to toe can be as influential in how you strike a golf ball as the take away, hip turn or top of backswing position, if not more. Often when students see this for the first time they are surprised at how bad their “pressure trace” is but equally delighted at how fast they can improve this and the dramatic effect it has on their shots.

Golf coaching – the modern approach

Are you keen to learn more about modern coaching?

What determines the outcome of your golf shot is actually very simple, 5 impact laws govern the flight of the ball and only one technology in the industry, the GC2HMT can show you this. If the 5 laws haven’t been explained to you fully then you are not getting a complete golf lesson and may be working on completely the wrong issue.

The PGA and European Tour stars are now very reliant on this technology which they take on the road with them to tournaments. At Pitch whether you are a total beginner or a 4 handicapper, we believe you deserve the same level of accuracy and information as the world’s best players.

The 5 laws of impact are listed here, if you want to understand more about how they are affecting your golf game and ball striking please browse our video page.

Law 1 – Strike location
Law 2 – Clubface angle
Law 3 – Attack angle
Law 4 – Club path
Law 5 – Lie angle

Indoor Golf Lessons London

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