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Introducing our winter lesson deal before we launch our 2 floor Pitch clubhouse

For a limited time throughout December and January all visitors to Pitch can enjoy a 3 for 2 offer on golf lessons (Elliot and Chris excluded). Lessons must be used during this period and cannot carry over into February 2018.


If you are serious about improving then why not spread your lessons with a couple of premium practice hours to really ingrain the small changes you make to your swing? All inquiries to info@pitchldn.co.uk

Free premium golf club hire is included in every lesson and practice session, choose from Titleist or Callaway 


Premium practice on Gc2 HMT Swing Catalyst is available from just £13.50* per hour, in an absolutely prime City of London location.

Compare this to a bucket of balls at the traditional range with zero feedback from cameras or head data and the answer is clear – Practice at Pitch

* £13.50 is the net hourly rate on the £79 Monday/Friday membership

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Book a practice session and improve your skills today

A famous study once stated that it takes 10,000 hours to perfect a skill, if only that worked for golfers then there would be fourball after fourball teeing up at your local course playing off scratch. Golf is a technique based game where working on the right thing for 10 minutes can outweigh working on the wrong thing for a month, probably even a lifetime!

Pitch members and those who take lessons here are shown how to practice perfectly to create a varied and high pressure session. Every month Pitch run 9 hole competitions to test the new skills you are learning and help to bridge the gap from lesson to course which is where so often the hard work can fall down.


Pitch Practice
  • Replay any swing from your session
  • See exactly where the ball contacted the face on every shot and keep a record
  • Retain every ball flight from the lesson on the screen to gauge dispersion and control over your swing, an errant shot hurts more when you can see it on the screen!
  • That last shot went left – and I know exactly why, the club-face was 4 degrees closed and on screen I can see my hip movement was poor – ok, I know what to change!


Range Practice
  • Have to ask someone to hold your camera, prop it on your bag or just not bother
  • No certainty over strike which is vital for an improving amateur, heel and toe hits can also feel the same to many amateurs
  • The awful shot from 3 balls ago is quickly forgotten – this is a long long way from what real golf is and evokes no feelings of pressure during the practice session
  • Balls go left, right, high and low for such a huge combination of reasons even PGA tour instructors rely on modern technology for guidance, sadly 99.9% of amateurs will make very dangerous and false assumptions about their swing which render practice sessions useless


Rate Description Time Cost
Peak Simulator 1 hour £60
Off peak
Simulator 1 hour £50
Member Simulator 1 hour £30/40
Monthly Simulator 1 month £79*
Monthly Simulator 1 month £125 **

*£79 pcm to include 4 premium hours on Monday and Fridays only
**£125 pcm to include 5 premium hours anytime

All hours are bookable 3 days in advance of the required time.

Book a practice session and improve your skills today