Looking for putting coaching in London, well look no further.

What if you could improve your handicap more in one hour than in a thousand hours of aimless practice on the driving range? Putting coaching in London with our master putting coaches will lower your scores fast!


Welcome to the Pitch putting coaching London where golfers across London can finally come to master the art of putting. Our cutting edge technology and putting coaching makes rapid improvement with the most important club more possible than ever.

Everyone has played with someone who seems to hole more birdie putts, never misses those irritating 3 footers and 3 putts once in a blue moon, but what makes them so good? Our master putting coach Paul competed in the World Cup of golf based on the strength of his putting and has spent the next 14 years dedicating himself to helping you become a brilliant putter too.

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Putting Lessons London

We are the only fitting centre in Central London

Putting is the most important part of the golf game, one that we sometimes neglect. So if you are looking for putting coaching London, look no further.

Although our cutting edge technology is capable of measuring 28 different parameters to ensure you learn the perfect simple putting stroke with the absolute best fitting putter, we like to keep things simple. In the adjacent boxes you can view the key data points which we measure and can drastically improve sometimes in a matter of minutes.

The very best thing about changing your putting stroke versus full swing changes is how quickly you can implement them, often within the first putting lesson and we would like to give every golfer in London the chance to make that huge gain.

Fittings are available everyday and it is highly recommended that this is combined with a full lesson over a comprehensive 1.5 – 2 hour session. It is our aim that you leave the studio not only with a far more repeatable and reliable stroke but also a putter that is perfectly designed for you and we have a range of prices to suit all needs. We are the biggest and best putting facility London has to offer.

We are also a recommended Scotty Cameron Putting Fitting Centre and if you would like to experience a once in a lifetime perfect Scotty Cameron Fitting then we would be delighted to welcome you to try their full range of beautifully designed putters.


Product Description Time Cost
Single lesson Pitch Putting studio lesson with our PGA Putting expert on Sam Puttlab 1 Hr £85
Fitting & lesson 1 visit Combine a lesson and fitting to not only greatly improve your stroke but find the absolute perfect putter to fit to the stroke you have built 1.5 – 2 Hrs £140
Programme 1 5 putting lessons on Sam Puttlab over a pre planned period to maximise learning and practice time. Full 3D stroke review throughout and PDF report on improvement. 5 x 1Hr Lessons £350
Programme 2 10 shorter lessons to work on the most problematic impact data points and always on Sam Puttlab. Convenient for the time sensitive City Worker 10 x ½ hour lessons £450
Programme 3 Includes studio putting lessons, putter fitting and a playing lesson at your home club to analyse your on course putting performance 5 x 1 hrs
18 hole Playing lesson

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