Lesson Academy

Set in beautiful surroundings and beneath our brand new clubhouse is the Pitch academy, the largest and most highly specified golf academy in central London. Featuring amazing technology in every bay ( www.foresightsports.com) (www.swing catalyst.com) rest assured your lesson and practice experience at Pitch will take your game to another level. Led by two incredibly experienced coaches, Chris Ingham and Elliot Godfrey, and with 3 further highly qualified PGA professionals making up a very dedicated team, we are certain that at Pitch your game will improve quickly (check out our google reviews!).

Cutting Edge Technology

If you are considering taking lessons on a radar system such as Trackman please take a brief look at this video from one of the most prolific club fitters in the UK and who many golfers in the city flock to for his expertise. The message is clear, to choose radar is to choose unreliable! Radar is a tracker, it must see the ball flight to finish, otherwise it's guessing and is why we dropped this system after 3 weeks. If you are in any doubt whether to choose a Trackman academy versus a GC2/Foresight sports academy then please just google Trackman vs GC2 indoors for many unbiased and expert views. We look forward to helping you with your game.

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