Callum Haughey

Callum can efficiently assemble a better golf swing for any golfer from rank beginners to the game’s top touring professionals. This extraordinary knowledge combined with his ability to explain the necessary fundamentals in a clear and concise manner, has led to him teaching around the world.


But, having a solid understanding of the golf swing doesn’t necessarily make a great coach. Callum has also had a burning desire to transfer this knowledge to actual improvement in each golfer’s game. Callum not only wants to be able to explain how a student should make the most efficient golf swing possible, but he wants to make sure the student feels this is the most suitable swing for themselves. Once the student can feel the correct motion, it becomes critical to find ways to enable the student to develop the motion even when Callum isn’t watching.

Callum Haughey Coaching at Soho
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Lowest 18
Low Front 9
Low back 9
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