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What Pitch can offer

Pitch can offer a choice of venues throughout London, with each one able to offer something unique. Our interiors across all locations have been carefully curated, making them the perfect, indoor location for your next project.

Our locations are currently used for multiple projects such as podcast filming, photography sets, pop up stores and more. The versatility of our venues and working with Pitch in this capacity provides the flexibility and opportunity to get the most out of a day on site.

All requests related to filming, photography and/or press must be pre approved by a member of the Pitch management team, with rates being applicable, so please get in contact for further information.

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How much does it cost to shoot at Pitch?

Rates depend on how many hours you will be on site for, as well as the required space. Generally, if you only require one bay and the venue can remain open elsewhere rates start at £500. Exclusive hire of the whole space starts at £2,500.

What do I get access too?

You will always have access to power, lights and one of our Pitch team. We’re able to cater for shoots, and crews can also order drinks from our bar. Depending on the area you’ve booked you will also have access to our lounge, simulator bays, tech and Callaway club

How many locations do you have?

We currently have one site in the City and one in Soho, with a further in Canary Wharf opening late 2023.

How long will I have access to the venue?

This will depend on how many hours you’ve booked the space for. We’re able to extend opening hours past usual times for shoots.

Can you help source cast, crew or golfers?

Yes! For an admin cost we’re able to help you source the cast and crew that you need.

Do I need permission to shoot at Pitch? Can’t I just book a bay and take photos?

Unfortunately not, we have different rates for filming and photography, and are conscious of how our brand aligns in content. Please get in touch and we can facilitate your shoot.

Speak to our friendly team about your specific requirements.

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