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Are you a golf enthusiast looking to challenge yourself on some of the world‘s top courses?

Or a beginner wanting to give golf a try?

At Pitch, we offer a selection of courses and activities for everyone, from the experienced golfer to the novice. Our interactive games provide a fun and easy way for beginners to get started, while our championshiplevel courses provide a challenge for more experienced players. So if you‘re looking for a great golfing experience, come to Pitch and give it a go

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Skill Building Challenges

Discover an array of exciting games at our facility, such as Streets of Neon, Scrapyard, Bullseye, Closest to the Pin, Hit it!, and Capture the Flag. These engaging activities are not only enjoyable but also interactive, providing a fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills on the course. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, our games cater to golfers of all levels. Experience golfing fun for everyone!

Streets of Neon

Experience the ultimate test of putting precision in “Streets of Neon.” Dive into the futuristic scenery, choose your course, and engage in a thrilling competition with friends to achieve the lowest score while navigating through tricky obstacles. Get ready to immerse yourself in this neon-lit adventure and see who can conquer the challenges with skill and strategy!


Welcome to Scrapyard, where controlled chaos takes centre stage in the heart of a junkyard. Your objective? To unleash explosive mayhem by blowing up as many cars as you can. Scrapyard is designed to deliver an adrenaline-fuelled experience like no other!


Put your accuracy to the test with the Bullseye game, where you can customise the difficulty level and backdrop for maximum fun! Challenge your friends and see who can hit the target with precision.

Hit It!

Distance is key in this game! Tee it up and give it your best shot to see who can hit the ball the furthest. It’s all about power and precision as you compete to outdrive your friends and claim the title of longest hitter. Get ready to unleash your inner golfer and send that ball soaring down the fairway!

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Capture the Flag

Welcome to the Capture the Flag! Your mission is simple: navigate the course and capture as many flags as you can by hitting it closest to the pin. But beware, as they’ll be trying to steal your flags too! Are you ready to tee off and embark on this thrilling golfing adventure?

Closest to the Pin

It’s a timeless test of skill and precision that has captivated golfers for generations. Are you ready to step up to the tee and see if you can beat your mates in this classic game?

World Class Golf Courses

Whether you’re a golfer or non-golfer, this state-of-the-art simulator technology will impress you.


Step onto virtual replicas of renowned courses like Valderrama, Muirfield Village, PGA National, and the legendary St. Andrews — the epitome of golfing greatness. These meticulously crafted simulations boast unparalleled attention to detail, offering an immersive and lifelike golfing experience. It’s a breathtaking digital collection, which of these iconic courses will you explore first?

Le Golf National

Le Golf National near Paris, France, is famous for hosting top tournaments like the Ryder Cup. With challenging courses designed by renowned architects, it’s a must-visit destination for golfers of all levels seeking a memorable European golfing experience.

Spyglass Hill

One of the most legendary courses in the world. Experience every bunker, pond, and uphill test with true-to-life accuracy as you play against the breathtaking backdrop of the Monterey coast.

St Andrews Old Course

The St. Andrews Old Course in Scotland is the world’s oldest and most iconic golf course, dating back to the 15th century. It’s a revered destination for golfers, known for its challenging layout, historic landmarks, and unpredictable weather.


The host of the 1997 Ryder Cup has seen more than its fair share of golf history, and presents an experience like no other with its picturesque fairways lined with lush trees.

PGA National

The PGA National Championship Course in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is famous for its challenging layout, including the iconic “Bear Trap” holes, and hosts the prestigious Honda Classic on the PGA Tour.

Marco Simone Golf Club

Marco Simone Golf & Country Club near Rome, Italy, is known for its championship courses and stunning countryside views. Designed by Jim Fazio, it hosted the 2023 Ryder Cup and offers a challenging yet picturesque experience for golfers of all levels.

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Get into Golf

We love sharing golf with new people. If you want to try it out or learn the basics, we’ll give you a friendly introduction to the game. We’ll provide the clubs, the tech and the knowhow, you just have to turn up and have fun!

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Our Advanced Technology

From the plane of your swing to your clubhead speed and weight distribution, our pro-level tech provides the in-depth data you need to move your game forward. Each practice bay is equipped with ultra-high-speed cameras, so that we can pinpoint exactly how to improve your skills on the course.

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Free Lessons with a PGA Pro

Our technology is the most advanced for indoor golfing in Europe. We have all the below available in every one of our five Academy bays.

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