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At Pitch, we‘re dedicated to growing the game of golf and making it more accessible to everyone, no matter their skill level or background. We‘ve been improving our clients performance for nine years through our inclub academies, and we‘re thrilled to announce that two of the UK‘s top 50 coachesGary Munro and Trey Nivenhave joined our team. These worldclass coaches will be providing their expertise at both The City and Soho clubs. If you‘re serious about improving your game, joining a club that‘s staffed by the best is a great way to take your skills to the next level.

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Your PGA Pros

Our PGA qualified instructors, are the best in the UK with two belonging to Golf Monthly’s Top 50 UK coaches. Each golf lesson is given in a private bay and after each lesson, your instructor uploads your data and video lesson notes and emails them directly to you.

Golf Lessons

If you‘re looking for a golf lesson that will take your game to the next level, Pitch is the place for you.

Our topnotch team of coaches and PGA Professionals offer lessons seven days a week. We use the latest technology and camera analysis to make sure your lessons are tailored to your individual needs. We offer a range of programs to choose from and provide a free swing analysis to any prospective lesson client. Come experience the modern way of golf instruction in one of our welcoming clubs. 


Driver Distance

Golfers of all skills struggle to hit the ball further. Our tour proven technology can help you increase distance and accuracy. By understanding how to improve your setup and swing to enhance impact, you can hit further and more consistently than just trying to hit the ball harder.


Slice Fixing

If you‘re slicing or hooking your shots, our professional team can help you fix your swing within a few hours. We can analyze your data to understand why the ball is curving away from the target and make sure your strike is centered and your swing path and clubface are in sync.

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Iron Striking

Practicing iron shots at a driving range can make it difficult to know if you have hit the ground or the ball first, resulting in weak and inconsistent shots that often miss the green. Pitch members can benefit from our training methods, which tell you every time if you have hit the ball first and with adownward attack angle for crisp and pleasing shots. Our members can check this during lessons and private practice sessions.

Pitching and Chipping

Improve your scores by learning how to avoid fatting and thinning shots and gain more precise distance control with pitching and chipping lessons. Our pros can teach you advanced techniques such as backspin, chipping with different clubs and more.


Our technology and expertise can analyze your stroke and make fast changes to improve your game. We recommend getting a putting lesson at least once a year to ensure you don‘t make easily fixable mistakes.

The Golf Swing

Modern technology has taught us that impact is the most important factor when it comes to improving your swing. We give you simple and easy to understand fixes that don‘t require a lot of changes. Our goal is to make it easy for you to make improvements and increase your consistency.




This one drill could unlock power in the golf swing you didn’t know you had and we all know just how much easier golf can be when you are able to add 20-30 yards from the tee.

In our premium bay situated in the heart of the city, Pitch TV and special guest Chris Ryan discuss the importance of 'Strike Location' with the Driver.

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Do you struggle with inconsistent strikes on the golf course?

Do you want to fix your slice?

Will this drill help with your game?

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Time Codes:
00:00 Intro
00:45 Common Strike locations
01:35 Demo of heel strike
01:56 Data from heel strike
02:50 Improving Strike Location
04:05 Drill Demonstration
06:07 Demo of centre strike
06:34 Data from centre strike
07:20 Outro
07:31 Chris Demonstrating Drives

Pitch TV -
Chris Ryan -

Pitch TV -
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Short Game


Here Gary Munro is discussing the key tips to playing a low bump and run shot. What lies this type of shot suits aswell as ratios of carry distance to roll distance expected with each club .

Rough ratio of lift to roll when chipping ( this changes remember when out of the rough or chipping onto firm fast greens allow more roll)

- 8 IRON - 25% CARRY 75% ROLL (1/4 CARRY 3/4 ROLL)
- 9 iron - 33% CARRY 66% ROLL (1/3 CARRY 2/3 ROLL)
- PW - 50% CARRY 50% ROLL ( 1/2 CARRY 1/2 ROLL)
- SW - 60 % CRRY 40% ROLL

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PGA Professional golf swing during a lesson demonstration


Free Lessons with a PGA Pro

Our technology is the most advanced for indoor golfing in Europe. We have all the below available in every one of our five Academy bays.

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