Trackman 4 at Pitch Indoor Golf Bay

The Academy

Our world class academy bays are equipped with Trackman 4, iO and Swing Catalyst double camera systems. Moreover, members will have full access and personal login details to record progress and utilise our world-leading simulators whenever they visit, ensuring seamless integration of technology into their practice routines.

Currently, we have two TrackMan bays installed at our Soho and City venues, and we are actively working towards full installation in the coming months.

Trackman 4 Bay at Pitch

What To Expect

Trusted by Tour players, our technology is the most advanced for indoor golf in Europe. We have Swing Catalyst and Trackman 4 in all of our Academy bays at each site, ensuring you get the most out of your practice. At Pitch, we firmly believe that every golfer will experience rapid improvement when given the opportunity to analyse their swing from both face-on and down the line perspectives. By combining this invaluable visual feedback with essential club-head data, you’ll find yourself in the perfect environment to unlock your full potential.
Trackman 4, iO Software

Trackman Software

Whether you’re an avid golfer or someone who has never picked up a club, TrackMan’s state-of-the-art simulator technology is guaranteed to impress you. Moreover, its cutting-edge features ensure an immersive experience that caters to all skill levels.

The Trackman virtual course library boasts some of the largest collections in the industry, featuring renowned courses like Valderrama, Muirfield Village, PGA National, and the iconic St Andrews, the home of golf. Utilising state-of-the-art technology, each course is meticulously recreated with unparalleled precision, capturing every intricate detail from the greens and bunkers to the coastlines and foliage, ensuring an extraordinary level of realism.


The Trackman Course Library

Casa De Campo ‘Teeth of the Dog’

Le Golf National

Marco Simone Golf and Country Club

Royal Birkdale

Medinah Country Club

PGA National

Royal Melbourne

St Andrews Links

Royal St George’s

Plus many more! Click HERE to see the full list.

Trackman 4 Bay

Trackman 4

Top coaches, players, equipment manufacturers, and club fitters worldwide opt for Trackman 4 for one simple reason: its unmatched delivery of top-tier data quality. With Trackman 4, access comprehensive club and ball data, encompassing over 40 parameters for every shot in your arsenal. This invaluable tool provides profound insights into your strengths and areas for improvement. Utilising patented optically enhanced radar tracking (OERT) technology, Trackman 4 precisely captures the impact location on the clubface, offering an unparalleled level of accuracy that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Trackman 4 at Pitch in Indoor Golf Bay
Trackman Performance Studio

Shot Analysis – Extensive data on every aspect of your game

Performance Putting – Detailed feedback to help you hole more putts

Impact location – Track the ball’s impact point on the club

Normalisation – See the effects of altitude, wind and temperature

Optimiser – Easily discover the full potential of your shots.

Tracy – Your AI-powered teaching assistant

 To learn more about Trackman 4 click HERE.

Trackman iO

Trackman iO

TMiO is Trackman’s first purpose-built product for the indoor game, designed with one goal in mind: to create the ultimate indoor golf experience. Trackman iO combines radar, infrared and high-speed imaging to deliver real data — including measured 3D spin and spin axis — in real time.

Indoor Golf London
Endless Fun

Unlock the joy of golf with our selection of games for players of all ages and skill levels. We’ve got some brilliant games including, Closest to the Pin, Bullseye, Hit it!, Capture the Flag and Scrapyard that are fun, interactive and a great way of improving your game. Test your putting with Streets of Neon, an exhilarating adventure through the most electrifying mini-golf course you’ve ever seen. These games are designed to be enjoyed by individuals of all skill levels, from seasoned pros to complete beginners.

Pitch Technology

Swing Catalyst

This golf swing analysis software allows you to analyse, record and compare your swing. From Tiger Woods to Rory McIlroy, see your swing next to World Leaders. The software is equipped with drawing tools, slow motion playback and a personal account to send videos.

Mobile Application

Become a member and download the compact and comprehensive Swing Catalyst application to your mobile device. Analyse recorded swings, track progression and improve your game on the go!

Improve Your Game

Visualisation of your technique is crucial to making improvements to your swing. Identify your strengths and weaknesses with each and every club. For more information about Swing Catalyst, click HERE.



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