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Radial is the go to destination for golf custom fittings. Based in the heart of London and alongside our incredibly experienced, reputable fitting team, a fitting session at Pitch will have you feeling 100% confident with the clubs you take out onto the golf course.

We stock some of the hottest brands such as Callaway, Mizuno, Titleist and Taylormade, and offer price matching on most products. Being fit properly is all about data and at Pitch all of our fittings are given on the latest Trackman technology to optimise your performance.

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What We Offer

Full bag

Full Bag

A full bag custom fitting begins by examining the make-up of your existing set. We do this by surveying aspects such as club length, digital frequency analysis, measured loft and lie, face angle and digital swing weight. This in-depth, independent analysis helps us to identify the cause of any performance-related issues you may be experiencing.

Golf custom fitting London

Driver & Woods

The aim of driver and/or wood fitting is to maximise distance, optimise ball flight and increase accuracy without sacrificing consistency. Where appropriate, we will always examine the possibility of re-shafting your existing driver head. We can also hand-build you a new driver from any leading brand.

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The objective of an iron custom fitting is to survey the setup and performance of your existing irons and wedges, establishing areas of deficit in performance through the use of technology. Every golfer has different swing dynamics depending on their size, strength, athletic ability and technique. Iron head design can complement unique playing styles.

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Are fittings for all golfers?

Yes, club fitting is suitable for golfers of all abilities. We are all different shapes and sizes; consequently, we swing the club differently. What’s right for one person may not be suitable for you. Hence, this underscores the importance of fittings when selecting golf clubs.

What are the benefits of club fitting?

The benefits of golf custom fitting are to ensure every aspect of the club suits your individual needs. From length to lie, weight to flex, and head model to grip size and texture, all crucial aspects are covered when it comes to selecting the right products to optimise performance on the golf course.

Is there a charge for the session?

Each hour comes with a £75 charge. This is subtracted from your new custom fitted clubs if they are ordered within a month of the session.

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