Our beverage menu has had a spring makeover with the introduction of many new wines, cocktails and craft beers. In particular the wine list has been thoroughly refreshed with the introduction of a new range of organic and orange wines to suit all tastes. Not only have we added multiple new wines to our menu, our cocktail offering has also expanded thanks to our beloved bar manager Aline. If you wish to sample any of the new range please feel free to ask for a taste test, so long as you promise to order lots more if you like them!

Craft beer has emerged to become a genre in itself and that hasn’t gone unnoticed at Pitch. Many of you visiting Soho will of already sampled some of our Five-Points pints (easy for you to say!) and with three variants on offer we hope there is a taste that everyone can savour. In addition to Five Points many of you have already tried our “Out of Bounds” in house lager, designed to be a session strength pour as well as a delicious opportunity for many poor golf related jokes we expect members to enjoy out of bounds for the first time ever!