Pitch Purpose x Mia Baker

Pitch x Mia Baker

P: What do you want to change?
M: Golf is such a beautiful sport, and one built by many traditions. But sometimes traditions become outdated. Sometimes we must work to create new traditions of the future. And together, we are doing just that.

P: What inspires you?
M: People who come to my events are my inspiration. You are the reason why every day I work to be better, to do more, to give back. Without each and every one of you, events like this wouldn’t happen.

P: What are your ambitions with events like this?
M: When I started golf, I was alone. I didn’t have any friends, and I didn’t know where to meet them. Someone said to me it’s like we are many peas, all searching for our pod. I wanted to build that pod for you, for the next generation of golfers.

This event was created for you to make friends. For you to go away with the feeling that you are no longer alone. It was created to inspire. To remove some of the barriers that can prevent golf from being an option in your life. I wanted you to be able to wear whatever felt comfortable, to have access to golf clubs, to have access to a Pro, to be able to give golf a go without breaking the bank. I wanted you to feel like no matter your level, you are not being judged, you are being supported, you are having fun.

P: What are your plans with Pitch for the future?
M: Our first event was limited to 100 under 35’s on a first-come, first-served basis. Our second event in June was a women’s only event which was unreal so we’re looking to a brighter, more inclusive future, to creating a bigger pod for all us peas.  Every decision we make, every thought we have, every word we say, we are defining the future. Let’s make it a bright one 💛