Golf Monthly Feature

You’re never too far away from a golf course in the UK, but what do you do when it’s dark, or if the weather is so bad that nowhere is open? As well the driving range – and some of the more modern facilities are fantastic – there are plenty of other options where you can enjoy the game under a roof.

Indoor golf venues are on the rise, and they are not just a good place to keep your game sharp when courses are shut. True, many are actually top-class practice facilities, but others, with music playing, entertainment and bars, offer a very different experience.

When talking about indoor golf, this is the sort of buzzing venue that immediately comes to mind. You can play a world famous golf course on a simulator, or maybe a round of crazy golf with your work colleagues, with a drink in your hand and some tunes on in the background.

Pitch Golf London, which is just a five-minute walk from Liverpool Street tube station, has it all – premium bays with the latest technology, the luxury bar, and plenty of mouth-watering dishes that allow you to drink, dine and play at the same time.

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