Unveiling Soho's Hidden 18 Green's Menu

Soho, renowned for its lively streets and vibrant energy, stands out as one of London’s most vibrant districts, brimming with an array of bars, eateries, and entertainment venues. Amidst this bustling landscape, a true hidden gem awaits – Pitch.

Nestled along the serene confines of Meard Street, our flagship Soho Clubhouse emerges as a haven for golf enthusiasts while immersing themselves in the heart of the action. Spanning an impressive 8,000 sqft and boasting nine versatile bays alongside a chic bar, our space is meticulously designed as a sanctuary for golfers, offering unparalleled flexibility and an array of amenities beyond the greens.

Pitch is not just a place to play; take your experience to another level with our Asian-inspired food menu, 18 Greens. Carefully curated by some of the best chefs in the industry, gather your friends and family and try our menu that has something for everyone and every occasion. Indulge in flavourful dishes such as dumplings, gyozas, and more, ensuring a culinary journey that delights the senses.

Furthermore, our drinks menu has a variety of options from smoothies to mocktails and all the classics; you will be spoilt for choice! 🤩🥂

Additionally, beyond golf and dining, Pitch is the perfect option to get your friends together in a fun, welcoming, and unique environment. Book a social table today and try out our delicious food and drinks menu.

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