Louis Vaughan


About Louis:

Louis Vaughan is a dedicated golf coach with a passion for developing players of a beginner skill level! He strives for constant development of his coaching knowledge and further understanding of the game. He always looks to impart both technical knowledge and a love for the sport. 

Louis is committed to guide a positive and motivating learning environment, and tailor instructions to each golfer’s unique strengths and areas for improvement. His goal is to develop confidence and help individuals reach their full potential on the golf course.


Lesson Prices: 

Each lesson at Pitch lasts for 50 minutes and includes video analysis with comprehensive lesson notes provided after the session.


£75 per lesson
£350 – five lesson package
£715 – 11 lesson package

Members can also use their bolt on lessons, if included in their membership subscription.


£85 per lesson
£400 – five lesson package
£825 – 11 lesson package

Louis Vaughan - PGA Professional
Louis Vaughan - PGA Professional

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