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Welcome to Pitch Golf  London, the home of modern golf lessons and the most exciting golf driving range experience in London. Pitch golf studio has the best technology the golf industry has to offer. We welcome members and visitors to use our stunning GC2 powered simulators and enjoy golf practice and lessons at their very best in our friendly and comfortable golf haven. Our PGA Professional coaches and PGA Tour backed coaching software make practice and lessons a far superior and convenient option to the outdoor golf range. Speak to us about one of our great value driving range memberships or lesson packages to suit your requirements.


Located in the City of London, in Bishopsgate, at Pitch we utilise the best technology in the business to give our students the very best chance of improving. Enjoying golf  lessons and playing well is achievable for everyone. Our golf lessons London focus on; straight driving, consistent irons, short game skills and crucially putting – not overly complicated swings that make you worse before you play better.

Our state of the art putting coaching studio and custom fitting suite (which also caters for walk ins) offer tremendous value and expertise compared to high street superstores. If you would like to see what our students receive after every golf lesson in our golf lessons London studio please check out our videos page






Lower your golf handicap 25x faster and we aren’t exaggerating. The speed in which your golf can improve with our GC2HMT technology is mind-blowing to some, but  it’s just a a usual day for all of our members at Pitch London. Comparing a bucket of balls in a standard golf range to being able to see full analysis on every golf shot is truly a gift, the numbers don’t lie!

Book a premium practice session from as little as £13.50 per hour.


If you don’t understand your own swing you wont improve quickly enough. During your first consultation we always strive to break down the myths and confusion surrounding golf tuition. The way we analyse your swing will open your eyes to a completely new level of improvement potential.


Work with your coach to improve the key data points that our technology says are causing you the biggest problems with consistency. Unlike traditional coaching where hours of guess work are required, our lessons focus on your key impact weakness from the first shot. Improvement happens quickly.


At Pitch we encourage you to test your skills under pressure. Whether through 9 hole medals, skills challenges or nearest the pin battles with a colleague, swing changes must be tested under pressure. The days where you hit amazing shots on the range then collapse on the course will be over because you will be ready.


Once you reach the initial goals you established with your coach and you have tested the swing under pressure you may be ready to learn more. Equally it is vital for some students to re visit some of the key points they have learned in the process so far to make the changes permanent.

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We improve your golf game faster by working with facts. The figures, angles, impact position and ball flight do not lie. Golf lessons London have just taken a huge leap forward and Pitch London is London’s leading indoor golf studio.

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